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Swing State Commitment Card

Member of the Sunrise Movement getting someone to Sign Up to Vote

Responsibilities: F2F (Friend to Friend) Leaders are really all of us, but when you commit to being a F2F Leader you are making a commitment to the Green New Deal.  You are committing to building 20 relationships with your friends and community, getting those people to pledge to vote and then recruiting them to join the movement.  You are also going one step further and committing to get 5 of those people to also build 20 relationships. This looks like bringing them to Friend 2 Friend parties, asking them how they are feeling about the election, and making sure they feel a part of Sunrise! You will be assigned a coach that you can always reach out to for support. F2F Leaders will get a Green New Deal Swing State Sticker + Pin mailed to them after they have signed up 5 leaders!

Commitments: 3-4 hours / week
• 1 Friend to Friend Party 
• Supporting / following up with 5 volunteers
• Personal list of 20 people to organize

Responsibilities: F2F (Friend to Friend) Mobilizers are the backbone of our Swing State Strategy. We need thousands of us doing the work of deepening our relationships with people in our community and talking about the Green New Deal. As a F2F Mobilizer, you are committing to developing 20 deep relationships with members of your community, and getting them signed up to pledge to vote with the movement and then giving them an onramp to join the movement. You will do this on our Weekly Friend 2 Friend parties where you will see updates of our movement across swing states and develop your network in Sunrise. As a F2F Mobilizers, you will get a Swing State Sticker mailed to you!

Commitments: 2.5 hours / week
• Attending a Friend to Friend Party 
• Building personal list of 20 people to organize

Responsibilities: F2F (Friend to Friend) Coaches are the gatekeepers of our electoral impact! Signing up to be a coach means you have 6-7 hours a week to give to the movement. Coaches are committing to building a personal list of friends + family to pledge to vote and bring into the movement through developing your relationship with them. Coaches will also be assigned or asked to recruit 10 F2F Leaders to support until the election! Some leaders will just need a follow-up, and others may need help supporting a volunteer on their team! Coaches will build deep relationships with each other and the electoral organizer for your state! You can expect to get 24/7 support from the Electoral Organizer and asked to be on weekly statewide support calls, along with weekly Friend to Friend Parties! Coaches will get Green New Deal Swing State Swag bags that include a T-Shirt, Pin + Sticker!

Commitment: 6-7 Hours / Week
• 1 Friend to Friend Party 
• 1 State-wide coaches call
• Supporting / following up with 10 leaders
• Personal list of 20 people to organize