Join the climate strike.

Being a young person in 2019 means living every day in fear and dread as we see the foundations of civilization crumbling around us.

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It means trying not to imagine what the world will look like in 30 years, or even 10 years.

Scientists tell us we have just 11 years to transform our economy before it’s too late to protect human civilization as we know it. To achieve the scale of transformation science demands, we need elected officials at every level of government to treat the climate crisis like the emergency it is and make the Green New Deal their top priority. But right now, the leaders supposed to tackle this crisis are either asleep at the wheel or purposely driving us toward catastrophe so their oil and gas billionaire friends can keep raking in profits.

Despite calls for a climate debate in the forms of 540,000 petition signatures, all major presidential candidates, and over 100 DNC members, the DNC voted on the weekend of August 24th to deny the resolution for a climate debate. Our future is at stake, but Tom Perez just swept aside the climate crisis for someone else to solve.

That isn't leadership. Once again, we will have to take the lead. We will start by striking together. Will you join us?

Sign up to attend a strike, take on the role of a strike recruitment captain, or to organize a strike in your community (if there isn’t one on the map). No experience needed! We’ll provide you with all the support and resources you need.

Our demands

Presidential Candidates: This is an emergency and we need the next President to treat it like one. We demand you publicly commit to breaking the DNC rules and participate in a Climate Debate, and commit to making the enactment of a Green New Deal job #1 if elected President.

Congress: The US federal government has the most power and responsibility in the world to ensure we act on the climate crisis at the scale and speed needed to preserve human civilization. We demand you all take the Green New Deal pledge & reject fossil fuel campaign contributions.
Governors, Mayors, State Legislatures, and City Councils: Cities and states can and must act, too. Back the federal Green New Deal, take the Green New Deal Pledge, declare a climate emergency, and enact a Green New Deal for your city/state.

Political leaders can’t stop at just supporting a policy. They need to fight for the Green New Deal alongside us by pressuring their colleagues to join them and using their platform highlight how the climate crisis is destroying lives and livelihoods every day.


We’re ending the influence of fossil fuel billionaires on our government and future. Contributions like yours make what we do possible.


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