We need a climate debate

For our entire lives, the political and media establishment have gotten away with keeping climate change at the bottom of the national agenda. As young people who will live through climate catastrophe unless bold and immediate action is taken, our generation understands that we are running out of time to address this existential crisis.

That’s why we’re demanding a #ClimateDebate.

The DNC promised they'd put climate front & center in the first debates. Instead, we got fewer than 15 minutes of answers and only half of the 20 candidates got a chance to answer a question on climate change. That's downright irresponsible and not how to treat this crisis like the emergency it is.

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 It’s time to turn up the heat for a #ClimateDebate.

In June, hundreds of young people sat-in outside the Democratic Party headquarters in Washington DC to demand a climate debate, and camped outside for 3 days after they were locked out. They put the eyes of the nation on whether the political and media establishment would treat climate change like the emergency it is.

This pressure worked. The day after the sit-in ended, the Democratic National Committee confronted internal pressure to hold a climate debate, and scheduled a vote on this issue at their national meeting from August 22-24 in California, where representatives from every state will come together.

Our movement has a number of weeks to build a critical mass of support ahead of this vote. This requires that we mobilize in every corner of the country to turn up the heat on local and state party officials to back a #ClimateDebate. We are asking officials: will you pledge to vote in support of the Resolution to Request a Democratic Presidential Debate on the Climate Crisis, publicly advocate for the DNC to hold a climate debate, and build support in your fellow DNC members to do the same?

Most importantly, along the way, we’ll keep growing the movement and building on the broad majority support for a #ClimateDebate among the public.

Find a local action near you using the map below, or sign up to plan an action here.


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