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Chat with a Sunrise Volunteer!

The Onboarding Team is offering one-on-one meetings to young* people interested in joining Sunrise! It’s a great way to meet your first Sunrise member and get personal support learning about the movement and finding out the best way for you to get involved. You have the option of either signing up to meet with any volunteer, or choosing a specific team member to meet with.

*Due to capacity constraints, we are unfortunately unable to host meetings for 35+ Supporters. Join us on our Welcome Call instead!



Hey there! My name is Ria, and I am a high school student who has been involved with the Sunrise Movement since 2020. As a Bay Area resident, the climate crisis has impacted my community in various ways, from orange smoke-filled skies to atmospheric rivers, which is why I’m working to build a cohesive movement to bring the fight forward. Outside of Sunrise, I love to read, draw, and explore my city with my friends. If you’d like to chat about your place in the movement, especially if you don’t have a hub near you, please sign up for a one on one — I’m looking forward to meeting you!



I’m Atreyi and I am a high school student based out of Massachusetts. Seeing firsthand the increase in extreme weather events in 2020 led me to Sunrise where I discovered how much of a difference can be made when organizing together in a movement. Since joining the movement I have led efforts to educate elementary and middle school students on climate change and sustainability, advocated for equitable reform in my school district, and led electoral efforts on the Sunrise phone banking team and led an initiative to train new volunteers in advocacy skills. Outside of Sunrise, you can find me reading a new book, rewatching a tv show, or hanging out with my dog. If you’re unsure about where you fit in the movement, sign up for a one on one convo— I’d love to chat with you!