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Upgrade Your Skills

Training Programs

Build the skills and power we need to confront the crises we face.

Whether you’re brand new to the movement and want to take your first steps to get involved, or you’re an experienced Sunrise hub leader looking to upgrade your skills for your next action, you’ve come to the right place!

We’ll give you the skills, resources, and support you need to take action and become a leader in our movement. Check out the trainings below and sign up to get started!

Photo by Rachael Warriner

Winning the Civilian Climate Corps

After four years of organizing, the Sunrise Movement has changed the game. We are poised to win the first piece of the Green New Deal: a Civilian Climate Corps that will promote racial justice and provide good jobs while helping communities confront the climate crisis. Will Joe Biden follow through on the promises he made to our movement? Only if we turn up the heat. Come learn how we got here, what the plan is to win the CCC by the end of the summer, and how you and your hub can make the difference.

When: Tuesday, August 3rd from 8-10pm ET (5-7pm PT).

How to Plan a CCC Action

Come to this training to learn how to plan your own local action to turn up the heat on Biden and Congress and build the pressure we need to win a Civilian Climate Corps this summer! Whether this is your first time planning an action, or you’re looking to grow your skills and learn what specific tactics we’re using in this moment, you’ll leave this training ready to plan your own powerful banner drop, rally, or other action to make your politicians feel the heat to give us a CCC.

When: Thursday, August 12th at 8-9:30pm ET (5-6:30pm PT). 

How to Lead a CCC Community Canvass

In order to win a Civilian Climate Corps, we need to bring as many people as possible into the fight. This training will teach you how to use spot canvassing (aka talking to people on the street about the CCC!) to build the people power we need to win (and grow your hub in the process!).

When: Thursday, July 29th at 8-9:30pm ET (5-6:30pm PT). 

Leading Great Meetings

How do you hold good meetings that keep people informed and excited about the work ahead? How do you build community online, or make group decisions so that people feel bought in? This training is a starting place to gain immediate tips and tools for hosting engaging meetings! We’ll help you learn to hold awesome hub meetings that will keep all your members coming back for more.

When: Thursday, August 5th at 8-9:30pm ET (5-6:30pm PT). 

Aru and Varshini sit down on a stage while engaging in a discussion, with several sunrise art posters behind them.

Organizing Powerfully with Empathetic Conversations

When was a time you’ve struggled to grow your hub? When was a time you felt like nothing you said was getting through to the other person? When was a time you had a disagreement over nothing? These are common experiences and they common solutions.

What if creating deep connections with others was as simple as asking the right questions?

Level up your organizing skills by learning how to have empathetic conversations. This extremely interactive training series will help you learn how to find solutions by coaching yourself and fellow hub members, how to have an effective one-on-one by sharing stories and making an ask, and how to be persuasive and learn from others by using deep canvassing. This is for folks with all levels of experience and will include a guide with extra videos and exercises for those who want to make the most of their experience.

When: This is a 3-part series with two schedule options. You may either attend on Mondays 8/2, 8/9, and 8/16 from 6:30-8:30pm ET or on Wednesdays 8/4, 8/11, and 8/18 from 8-10pm ET.

New courses are coming soon! Sign up to be notified when registrations are live:

Next Steps

We will reach out in the near future with next steps. Here are some ways to get started in the meantime:

1. Checkout some of our events.

2. Follow us on Social Media.

3. Attend our open meeting.