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We’re a month away from the most important election of our lifetimes, and if you’re freaking out, or feeling totally numb and disillusioned, you aren’t alone. But at Sunrise, we know this election isn’t a choice between two men – it’s a choice between two possible futures, and the truth is, there are a handful of states where our generation could decide the outcome. So we are organizing our communities to win the future we all deserve: the one where everyone is taken care of, where we’ve transitioned from an economy of death and destruction to one of regeneration and repair. But we need your help. 

If you live in Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania or Wisconsin up to join our Swing State Takeover Program to help us defeat Trump and build real power through November and beyond.

The plan is pretty simple. We’re taking time each week to pick up the phone and talk to old friends and acquaintances. No script, no fancy software, just you and the contacts in your phone. It sounds easy and fun because it is. And it’s also the #1 most effective way to spend our time in the final weeks before the election. 

But our ambitions are bigger than the ballot box. We must help our friends navigate the complex process of voting Trump out, and we need to bring them into this fight for the long haul. If Joe Biden is sworn into office in January, we’ll have to be out in the streets demanding that the new administration support the policies that will actually improve our lives and futures

You don’t need any special organizing skills or experience to join us in this work – honestly, it’s better if you don’t. You just need to show up, with whatever attitude or emotions you’re feeling, and be ready to give this a try.

Sign up to join us next Monday and get trained to take part in our Swing State Takeover Program!

Can’t make it next Monday? No worries. Email [email protected] to get involved.