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Sunrise 2.0 Launch

Sunrise 2.0 DNA Ratified!

🤔 How did we get here?! 🤔

Sunrise originally launched in 2017 with a 4 phase strategy to make climate change an urgent political priority in our country and to redefine climate solutions in the image of a Green New Deal.  And, as our original four-phase strategy played out between 2017 – 2020, our movement was largely successful at achieving these goals!

However, as we entered 2021, we knew a new political/social era was upon us, and if we wanted to keep making transformational progress in this era, we needed a new plan!  A plan that incorporated all the learnings of the last 4 years, adapted to the opportunities and challenges of the moment and repositioned us as a truly multiracial, cross-class organizing force capable of delivering a Green New Deal in our country.

So, in 2021 we kicked off a “Frontloading Process” to redesign, evolve and update our Movement’s DNA (our story, structure, strategy and culture).  This process has involved many steps, with movement members, staff, partner organizations, political leaders and the general public having multiple opportunities to provide feedback, insight and input to shape the outcome along the way. 

We’re so excited that the movement has ratified our new DNA and we can begin the hard work of launching and implementing our new strategy.