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Applications Open till July 22nd

Reclaim Summer: Win A GND for Public Housing

We’re reclaiming the right to safe and dignified public housing For all and calling on current and former public housing residents and sunrisers in Miami, New York, Reading PA, San Juan, Los Angeles, and New Orleans to reclaim public housing with us this summer!

What We Are Fighting For

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed an unacceptable truth: global crises exacerbate inequalities that have long oppressed low-income communities. We’ve also seen the way racism is deeply embedded in our healthcare system, economy, policing, and politics, all of which disproportionately affect low income communities of color.

Over 500,000 people are facing homelessness, and pre-pandemic 10-15% of households were housing insecure. And that number is rising at record rates. Meanwhile, for the last 40 years public housing  has been systemically defunded and destroyed leaving tenants to fend for themselves with ancient and dangerous appliances, pipes, and conditions that threaten their lives and the lives of their surrounding communities through tainted water, mold, and air pollution.

This summer, Movement School and Sunrise Movement are training cohorts of young people in cities across the country to harness their power and organize their communities for a Green New Deal For Public Housing in cities across the United States.

Details about the Program

Groups of young people, ages 14 to 35, living in cities across the United States will be selected to join a Reclaim Summer cohort to learn how to harness their power and organize their communities for a Green New Deal For Public Housing!

Cohorts will be made up of a 2/3 current or former public housing residents and ⅓ Sunrise Movement leaders. For 9 weeks from July 23rd to September 12th, these cohorts will take part in the 4 distinct phases of the training program Movement Origins, Organizing 101, The Leader in Me, and Feet to the Fire where cohorts will run action arcs, plan and design actions rooted in community such as teach-ins, canvasses, phone banks or even block parties, all leading up to major coordinated actions in August! All the while working to build a coalition that will last long after the program ends.

We know everyone doesn’t have the time to organize when they’re trying to survive, so we’re paying every tenant in the program and any Sunriser who needs it up to $800 a month, through our Principle 6 Program for the duration of the program so that they have the financial support they need to be in this fight with us and learn the skills to change their communities! During the program, Tenant/Sunriser cohorts will meet three times a week to receive training and mentorship by experienced Tenant and Sunrise Movement organizers. Every week there will be “assignments” to put what you learn into action and work as a team! Our hybrid program will host sessions in person and online in the evenings and on the weekends. 

Apply today and Reclaim Public Housing with Us!

  • Location: Miami, New York, San Juan, Reading PA, Los Angeles, and New Orleans
  • Dates: July 8th – September 4th 2021
  • Age range: You must be ages 14 to 35
  • Who: Sunrise members and current public housing residents
  • Compensation: $800 per month
  • Application Due Date: July 8th

Curious About The GND for Public Housing?

Want to learn more about the GND For Public Housing or aren’t in one of the cities we’re throwing down in this go around? Check out our website for other ways to plug into the fight for safe and dignified Public Housing for all!