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El Paso Climate Charter

Sunrise El Paso here to share our story of our fight for climate justice on la frontera:

The El Paso Climate Charter is an ambitious, first-of-its-kind climate justice project which would establish a Green New Deal program in our border community of El Paso, Texas. It proposes to amend our city’s “charter” — the main governing document of the city — by establishing a climate department to tackle the climate crisis in our community. We like to think of it as a “climate constitution” that proposes a MASSIVE shift in our municipal government towards climate justice.

As a movement, it can feel like we are constantly bombarded with disappointing news from Congress or the Supreme Court. But our hub’s local climate ballot initiative is an example of the power direct democracy can have, especially in communities like mine. El Paso is a predominantly Latine community whose electric grid has been monopolized, dominated by powerful corporations such as JP Morgan, and hooked up to oil fields in the Permian Basin of West Texas.

The Fossil Fuel industry’s attack on communities and democracy is happening here in our backyard everyday. Texas republicans have heavily invested in fossil fuel and property development in El Paso and are exerting their influence over our local government and news outlets. We’ve even heard from trusted allies that El Paso Electric CEO Kelly Tomblin reached out to Greg Abbott in hopes of squashing our Charter.

But nonetheless our Climate Charter program has ignited a flame for climate justice in our community. Together with Ground Game Texas, we knocked on doors, we canvassed neighborhoods, events, and public spaces to collect enough signatures to place the Climate Charter on the ballot legally. We talked to over 100,000 El Pasoans. And what we found was that the people of El Paso, like millions of Americans, crave bold, ambitious, Green New Deal policies. All in all, we collected signatures of over 40,000 El Pasoans!

The climax of this story 3 years in the making is the next 8 weeks. On May 6th, we have an opportunity for a massive climate victory that can resonate across the country, the Permian Basin, and the world. And YOU can be part of this story.

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Phonebank for the El Paso Climate Charter - Every Wednesday

Phonebank or Textbank for the El Paso Climate Charter

El Paso has a huge opportunity to pass monumental climate legislation on May 6th, when El Pasoans will vote yes or no on the El Paso Climate Charter. The Climate Charter would expand the city’s ability to implement climate policy at a local level and implement innovative policies right now & it’s one of the most ambitious and sweeping pieces of local climate policy anywhere in the country. Join us in calling voters in El Paso every Wednesday until May 6!

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