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Jes Negron

The Only Way to Respond to The Capital Coup…

The Changing Political Climate Last week was, somehow, an example of both everything we have the power to achieve and […]

Climate Mandate Generation Banner

Averting Climate Change: Lessons from the New Deal

If you’re like most young people, 2020 has felt like a complete and unmitigated disaster. It’s been the year so […]

a group of people in Sunrise shirts holding a banner reading "Fight for Green New Deal"

It’s our party now

In 74 days, Joe Biden will be the President of the United States. It’s official (finally). But it feels bittersweet. […]

Sunrise Volunteer Cheering

We won’t let us down

We’re facing the scenario we planned for: an inevitable Biden win after local election officials count and tally every vote. […]

Biden Wins

Sunrise Movement’s General Election Impact

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  Contact: Garrett Blad, [email protected], 574-298-7125 TO: Interested Parties  FROM: Evan Weber, Political Director & Varshini Prakash, Executive […]

Sunrise Movement Activist

Our choice this election.

Four months ago, when Bernie Sanders suspended his campaign for President, it felt like the world came crashing down on […]

Winning the Green New Deal — the Book

Winning the Green New Deal — the Book

You may have heard some rumblings about a Sunrise book being in the works. Well, after close to a year […]

Sunrise activists demonstrate in front of Mitch McConnell's KY house, holding a large sign saying "Breonna Couldn't Sleep. Neither Should Mitch".

How Sunrise is giving 100-year-old tactics new life in the revolution

In the early dawn light of Juneteenth, a group of brave people stood outside Mitch McConnell’s house in Kentucky to […]

Mitch didn’t see us coming

Right now, the eyes of the country are on my home in Kentucky. In a few days, we will know […]

On “winning” elections

I’m writing from Kentucky, where I’ve been since last Sunday, throwing down with others to see if we can help […]