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Sunrise Movement's

Evan Mceldowney

Sunrise Dallas

Young Texans to March at Texas State Capitol Urging Government to Pass a Green New Deal and Invest in Green Infrastructure

On Monday, leaders from the Sunrise Movement in Texas will show up for a rally at the Texas state capitol […]

Sunrise Movement Leader Facing Climate Crisis in Texas, Calls for Governor Abbott’s Resignation and to Pass a Green New Deal

As of last night, the climate crisis induced a polar vortex that killed 29 people so far, and has left […]

Sunrise Movement Statement on Trump Acquittal: Warns if Dems Don’t Abolish the Filibuster, Future Presidents Days will Celebrate a Second Term Trump

Following the acquittal of Donald Trump, Sunrise Movement’s Political Director, Evan Weber, released the following statement: “On January 6th, Donald […]

Sunrise Movement Celebrates Major Climate Victories After Biden Takes Reins on Climate Action, Asserts Democrats Must Now Abolish Filibuster

On Wednesday, the Sunrise Movement celebrated major climate victories as President Joe Biden announced monumental climate executive actions to begin […]

Biden's FDR Movement

Letter to the Movement: The Time For Excuses is Over.

As I watched the inauguration, I was struck by the deeply conflicting emotions I have surrounding this day. The Trump […]

Sunrise Movement Our Time To Lead Climate March

Green New Deal Year One: What We’re Fighting For

Nothing is won without a fight. With Democratic control of Congress and the White House, the possibilities of what we […]