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Artists of the Movement: Digital Gallery

Crisis Is Here…Love Remains
By Drake Hunt

crisis is here...love remains


this is my love letter to each of you. together we are building a better world.

A Future with the GND
By Felipe (Houston, TX)

Climate Crisis
By Drake Hunt

A Blazing Fire nears,

Humanity’s most horrendous creation.

It threatens to devour

Our precious civilization whole.

A most sorrowful song resounds

Through the valleys

Through the rivers

Through the mountains

Through the boulevards of gold

Through the cracked streets

That line humanity’s scorned slums.



Fabled Cults of Personality

spray mountains of fuel upon the raze.

They weave brazen lies

They cheat

They plunder

They steal from our nations,

From the billions of innocent souls

They claim to serve.

And here, the raze will surmount

The raze will surmount in petrifying glory

As the flood waters rise

As the famine spreads

As civilization crumbles,

As the light of brilliant hope fades,

Evaporating into the hellacious flames.

Our mothers weep

Can you hear their cries?

Mournful tears cascading across our dying world

For the torment

our dear children endure,

Sentenced to helpless existence

In blazing fire.

Here I am,

Tending to the fading light of hope.

It’s illuminating rays of love

Still dares to shine

Still dares to empower

Still dares to invite 

all walks of humanity

Into its hearth of embrace.

The scorched sands

The bleak lands of despair

Our graveyards of dreams

Yearn for your love,

Your last drops of audacious hope

Be brave, my friend

Dare to breathe revival

Dare to breathe power

Into the glimmer of hope.

The Arsonists

They shall wither

In face of such abundant love

The raze shall halt its waring advance

As glorious beams of hope

Radiate in joyous song

 from every stretch of these sacred lands

Our mothers’ tears shall dry

The scorched sands shall be cleansed anew

The flood waters shall recede

Gold will pour 

from the yellow-bricked boulevards,

erasing cracks of the scorned slums

Humanity will chart a final course

Towards embrace

Towards the gorgeous hearth

Towards liberation

Be brave, my friend

For in the face of fire,

Love remains