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Our Latest Calls to Action

Mass call: WTF Just Happened in Congress?! Thursday, September 30th at 8 pm ET

WTF Just Happened in Congress?! MASS CALL on Thursday, September 30

Congress is back in session! Sept. 30th is their deadline to decide the fate of historic spending packages and a generation of climate investments. A lot of things could happen: We could get a strong, multi-trillion dollar infrastructure bill that brings to reality the first pieces of the Green New Deal dreams we’ve organized so hard for over the last 5 years. OR we could get some fake fossil fuel funded bipartisan bullshit that fails to deliver on their elected mandate and the will of the people. OR both. OR neither. We don’t know, it’s 2021. Come to the mass call to process WTF just happened.

Call for the Green New Deal

We need you to call your Representatives & Senators to make sure they listen to us, not Exxon. Call on them to pass an infrastructure bill that meets the scale of the climate crisis, creates millions of good, union jobs, and directs money to communities most impacted by the climate and economic crises.

400+ Sunrise Hubs

Hubs do the most important work of the movement: growing participation, elevating the urgency of climate change and challenging to win political power. Explore the map below to find a local Sunrise hub near you.

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